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Penfolds Venture Beyond

Venture Beyond by Penfolds in Bangkok, Thailand, was an exciting and visually captivating experience that brought the worlds of cosmo and fine wine together. Held over 2 weeks at ICON Siam, this multi-faceted event featured an immersive pop-up as well as a ticketed private dining experience.

From standing on a 360-degree moon landing, completed with a simulated lunar surface surrounded by dazzling LED displays and mirrors, to savouring Penfolds wines in a space shuttle-themed bar, visitors were transported to new realms of the space, the moon and beyond. The immersive journey delved into Penfolds' 178 years of winemaking legacy and a projection of the future, through a series of playful interactions, digital installations and creative dining experiences.

The culinary delights by world-renowned chef Mauro Colagreco and local celebrity chef and restauranteur Pam (Pichaya Utharntharm) added a sensory dimension, enhancing the event's innovative blend of space aesthetics and fine dining. With meticulous branding and innovative programming, this event served as a remarkable platform for Penfolds to expand its presence and awareness in the Thai market and across Asia.

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