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Wedding of JW & C

Transported into a fairytale realm of love, JW&C's wedding invitation design resembles a classic storybook, rich with vintage fonts and artistic elements. The evening's programme booklet unfolds to reveal a mesmerizing musical theater experience, featuring performances that highlight the couple's love story. With a passion for music, C's playlist, including Disney classics and beloved performers, set the tone for a sing-along session during dinner, followed by a lively dance floor illuminated by confetti cannons and virtual fireworks.

Their celebration, inspired by their love for Disney and musical theatre, vividly reflects the chapters of their love story, creating an enchanting experience for all. From the initial meeting to their journey leading to their wedding day, every moment is thoughtfully showcased, making each step feels like a magical waltz. Witnessing JW&C's journey serves as a reminder of the profound notion that "A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes." May their lives together be a testament to the power of dreams, where every wish their hearts make becomes a beautiful reality.

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