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The brand made an impact with its inaugural launch on sunny Singapore in 2015, that was followed with the opening of the duplex flagship boutique in MBS in 2019, both of which were attended by a line-up of celebrities, key influencers, media and VIPs, creating much buzz and making it the talk of the town every time.

Despite the inherent challenge of being a ‘’winter’’ brand in a tropical and seasonless climate in Singapore, the agency managed to create excitement and continuous visibility around every Moncler Genius collection since the brand made a global creative pivot in 2018, continuously reinforcing the creative ingenuity and innovative brand DNA through print, online and social coverage with exclusive interviews and images.

Over the years, Moncler has built a healthy ecosystem of editorial focus leveraging on collaborations with key titles to disrupt and gain a stronghold stronghold in fashion pages through striking and visually leading content through the puffers and outwear. When fashion titles have progressive and avant-garde themes, Moncler is now top of mind for many Editor-in-Chiefs in Singapore, resulting in a Moncler cover of Dec issue of T Singapore featuring local musicians and artists, which led to further amplifications by the featured personalities themselves.

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