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Sulwhasoo has been a retainer account with the agency since 2018, working alongside the prestige division to position Sulwhasoo as a luxury skincare brand in the AMOREPACIFIC portfolio of brands.

Apart from key product launches, there was strategic intent made in the communications outreach through various touchpoints that brought to the fore the holistic approach based on Asian medicinal herbs such as ginseng, coupled with the brand’s commitment to research that helps provide comprehensive skin solutions that address problems at their roots, using modern science to rediscover thousands of precious ingredients known in Asia for centuries. That was constantly being reinforced across touchpoints - new product presentations, consumer pop-ups, creative press kits, etc to convey the holistic skincare approach.

With Song Hye Kyo being the face of the brand, it garnered traction as that was also in tandem with the rise of the K-pop culture and K-beauty trends in general with the dewy and healthy finish, and all that culminated with the attendance of Song Hye Kyo in Singapore in 2019.

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