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Net-a-porter Beauty

NET-A-PORTER has been a retainer client since 2014, with the beauty category growing tremendously from 11 brands in 2013 to 268 brands on site now and the Beauty Trend Presentation was an event to create a brand moment in Singapore and reinforce its market position of specially curated edits, and a wide array of beauty products.

As consumers grew increasingly sophisticated in product formulations and the use of each ingredients, shopping and buying beauty online was no longer as daunting with the explosion of beauty blogs, product reviews and testimonials that became widely available. What NET-A-PORTER could offer, was the data and the buying behaviour of the global women - which provided valuable insights and perspectives to what is necessarily trending vs what is actually perceived to be trending. e.g Facial Oils.

This became a powerful tool and perspective for the media on how to develop their stories, and for influencers on how to curate their vanity top, and also created an interesting point of engagement for the wider community who was shopping beauty online. So it created opportunity for NET-A-PORTER to acquire and build new relationships with potential shoppers.

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